General conditions

V1.1 – Last update 03/07/2020

Our services must be taxed with 21% VAT.

The travel costs are charged at € 0.60 per kilometer.

The price includes telephone, fax and material costs as well as the costs of image and text processing. The costs of copying and distributing material on a large scale (more than 10 copies) are borne by the client.

Invoicing takes place on a monthly basis, based on actual hours spent and their specification. This gives the client a good overview of the cost development. If it turns out that the time spent will exceed the estimated time, we will consult with the client about this in good time. If the actual time spent is lower than the estimate made, the charged costs are also lower.
Collection (more than 10 copies) are at the expense of the client.

Invoices must be paid within 30 days. In case of late payments, an interest rate of 8% will be charged on an annual basis.

If, due to circumstances, it is not possible to have the planned supervision take place, it can be cancelled. In case of cancellation, you must take into account the following financial implications: If a guidance is canceled more than one month before the start, no costs will be charged; Cancellation up to two weeks before the start date of the guidance: administration costs of € 50 per cancelled guidance moment; Cancellation less than two weeks before the start date: the full amount of the guidance;

Please notify a cancellation in writing to the following e-mail address: